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Ken Steen: I probably would not be programming if it weren't for open source software

Vifm's help for v0.7.5 in Esperanto


Like vi and mc? Try Vifm

At long last: A look at vifm

Vifm: Fast, lightweight, old school file manager

Vifm "Vi File Manager"

Vifm - a vi like file manager

Vifm a true gem

Vifm – A Simple and Powerful Text Based File Manager for GNU/Linux

Vifm – A Commandline Based File Manager with ‘Vi Keybindings’ for Linux

vifm -- file manager with vim-like key bindings (Well-written notes from a new user.)

Cómo añadir iconos a vifm ("How to add icons to vifm"; in Spanish.)

Vifm, un gestor de archivos Vim (in Spanish)

Vifm notes by chimay

vifm: A Terminal File Browser for Hardcore Vim Lovers

Please use vifm, a command-line file manager on Linux for Vim lovers

Terminal file managers and my vifm setup

In Russian

Vifm - консольный файловый менеджер в духе Vi

Я рекомендую — Vifm - файловый менеджер c vi-like хоткеями

Консольный файловый менеджер Vifm overview

Vifm — файловый менеджер для поклонников Vim

Vifm 8.1: много мелких улучшений

Основы использования Vifm: часть 1 и часть 2


Will Vifm Be My New Terminal File Manager? Maybe! (12:23)

Vifm Vim Plugin: A Match Made In Heaven? (11:40)

Vifm Is Amazing But Not The File Manager For Me (13:44) (comments explain how to do what author thought Vifm can't do)

vifm - Vi File Manager - Linux TUI (22:18) (notes)

vifm - The Terminal File Manager For The Vim-Centric User (24:06)

Vifm and Überzug (Ueberzug) Image Previews (12:44)

Icons And Image Previews In Vifm, Plus Xterm Is Great! (13:55)

Rsync Ncurse Frontend - Linux TUI CLI (9:41) (notes)

vifm (3:08) (Korean)