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This page is a work in progress and may thus be incomplete. Its content may be changed in the near future.

See Contributing to This Wiki#Manual_Outline for outline of what is planned to have here eventually. At the moment chapters listed below are available.


  • Main principles on which Vifm is built and according to which it's developed.
  • Vifm as part of an environment.

Quickstart Tutorial

  • Basic movement commands.
  • Opening files, starting applications, running external commands.
  • Basic configuration.

Configuration model

  • Configuration files location and structure.
  • Affecting use of configuration files by Vifm.

Quitting Vifm

  • Configuring Vifm to preserve its state across sessions.
  • How state conflicts are resolved.
  • Leaving Vifm started in special "file-picker" mode.

Command-line and alike modes

  • Moving around and editing.
  • Command and argument completion.
  • Working with history.
  • Pasting runtime context into command-line.
  • Editing command-line externally.

Color schemes

  • Creating new color schemes.
  • List of third-party color schemes.
  • Troubleshooting.