Comparison with other filemanagers

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Midnight Commander vifm
Custom attributes shown next to filenames yes yes
Show/hide dot files yes yes
Filter limited (only files), glob-based yes, regexp-based
Tree view yes yes
Miller-view no yes
Sort keys name, version, extension, size, mtime, ctime, atime, inode name, extension, type, gid, group name, uid, uname, size, #items, perms, mtime, ctime, atime, inode
Quick view in second pane yes (Quick view) yes (:view)
Integrated charset translation yes no
Pane layout
Horizontal split yes yes
Vertical split yes yes
Single pane mode yes yes
Resizable panes yes yes
Incremental search globs regexp
Marks (vim-like) no yes
Bookmarks yes (directory hotlist) yes (also possible to bookmark file)
Quick-search yes (Ctrl-S) yes (via find and grep)
Custom commands yes, via user menu (F2) yes, user menu or in command mode
Colorschemes yes yes
Compare directories yes (between panes) yes (both single pane and double panes mode supported)
Custom shortcuts yes yes
Custom viewer program yes (based on extension, regexp, file magic) yes (based on extension, regexp, mime type)
Custom opener yes (based on extension, regexp, file magic), single yes (based on extension, regexp, mime type), multiple
User commands menu structure flat flat
Browsing archives, remote fs yes (via external scripts - mostly bash/perl) yes (via fuse integration)
Integrated support for tmux and/or screen no yes
Trash (files moved instead of deleted) using libtrash and LD_PRELOAD integrated
Tabs support partial (screen list) yes
Undo/redo no yes (for non-background operations)
Integrated bulk rename no yes (via vim)
Background operations yes yes
Initial version ??? (1994) 0.2 (2003 May)