Adding new highlight group

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  1. Add it to src/ui/colors.h.
  2. Compile errors will point to arrays and switch-statements that need to be updated (need -Werror, so configure with --enable-developer or with --enable-werror).
  3. Make use of the new highlight group.
  4. Add it to data/man/vifm.1 (don't forget to update modification date).
  5. Add it to data/vim/doc/app/vifm-app.txt (don't forget to update modification date).
  6. Add a "test" to tests/test-data/syntax-highlight/syntax.vifm.
  7. Add it to data/vim/syntax/vifm.vim (don't forget to update modification date).
  8. Running scripts/check-syntax-changes should show changes in highlighting for new lines.
  9. Remove an entry from the TODO file if one exists.
  10. Add to the ChangeLog file.